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  • How To Maintain The Teeth ?
    • To Oral Hygeine
      1. Do Brushing Properly Twice In a Day
    • Correct Brushing Technique
    • Keep Your Teeth Clean With Interdental Aids
      1. Interdental Brush
      2. Dental Floss
      3. Diet Habits
  • What is digital X-Ray / RVG ?
    • RVG Has Less Exposure Of Radiation While Taking X-rays and it Gives Immediate Result With Good Clearity.
  • Which types of Filing Are Available ?
    1. Silver Filling
    2. Miracle Mix Filling
    3. Tooth Coloured Filling (composite-Light Cure Filling)
  • What is Sensitivity?
    1. By Brushing Too Hardly Or Using abrasive Toothpaste You May Be Romoving Tooth Structure At The Neck Of Your Teeth
    2. Or Chuing Surface Of Teeth That Causes Pain to Cold,Hot,Sour,Sweet Drink Or Food.
  • What is Scalling ?
    1. Scalling (Cleaning Of Teeth) Involes Remal Of Plaque And Tartar(Calculas) That have Deposite On The Teeth Over
    2. Time. MISCONCEPTION About Scalling
      1. Teeth Become Mobile After Scalling
      2. It Creates Gape Between Teeth
      3. Scalling Proceture Grinds Of teeth
      4. Sensitivity Increases after Scalling
  • What is Root Canal Treatment (RCT) ?
    1. It is A Dental Procedure In Which Demaged Or diseased Pulp (Inner layer) Is Removed and The In Side area (Pulp Chamber and Root Canal) Are Filled and Sealed.
  • What is Crown ?
    1. Crown Is a Tooth Shaped 'CAP'that Is Plaed Over Tooth To Restore Size,Shape,Appearance, Function Ot Tooth.
    2. Types Of Crowns
      1. Metal Crowns
      2. Ceramic (Tooth Coloured)Crowms
      3. Zirconia CAD-CAM Crown (With 5 Year Warranty period)
  • What is Dental Implant ?
    • A Dental Implant Is a Artificial Tooth Root That Is Surgically Placed Into Your Jaw To Hold Replaced Tooth Or Bridge . The Benifit Of Implant Is They Do not Rely On The neighboring Teeth For Support And They Are Permanent And Stable. Implants Are The ideal Solution To Tooth loss, They Look And feel like Natural Teeth.



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